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I am a voice-over artist,
sound engineer, producer and trainer.

Voice is a big part of my life. I love discovering its new layers

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I am constantly developing myself, to provide you with the best product according to the current standards.

What’s important – I use my voice consciously to deliver unique voice recordings. Despite the intense work, I find time to constantly learn new techniques of working with voice, acting and singing. For years I’ve been collecting materials about voice on „Gadam do siebie”. In addition, I run a community where voice-over artists can help each other.

Recordings for you will be carried out in my own studio – with attention to the highest quality but bearing in mind your precious time too. All this to develop such a material that you exactly need!

Your voice:

2 – 8

hours – an average project realisation time

 1100 +

of recording files sent to clients

1 of 580

voice-over artist’s best creations!
(*according to the VoiceBunny ranking)

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My recordings can be heard in many places.


As I have more than 10 year experience in music production (and …) I will undertake the realisations of those typical as well as even the strangest ideas.

Voice-over + Post-production

A voice-over recording. The sound editing and mixing (preparation for emission: noise reduction, compression, additional filters, editing, adjusting the pace and pauses) are included in the price.

Film synchro

Dubbing or a documentary voice-over. Editing plus synchronisation for your film, animation and a mixing with your music and mastering of the whole.

Full spot

Full sound spot (or track to the visual/picture). Discussing the concept/screenplay, sounding and voice as well as choice or production of the licensed music.

A teacher package

Training recording, production of a sound product (and even some help with the implementation of an online shop).

Sound recording on film set

Recording of dialogues and atmospheres to the film as well as a post-production (available only on selected dates and in selected cities).

Audio blog

I will read your article for a website or a blog as well as create an intro to the series of podcasts.

Creation of a sound logo

The sound of your product, intro sound to the series of films on YT.


An idea from a totally different category or an urgentrecording. Write to us!

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…or place an order, the price of includes the processing of the recording. In most cases, you will receive several interpretative versions of the text (emotions – not the text changes). Possible price negotation for large continuous orders. I issue VAT invoices.

Tell us what you need


Michał Rusnarczyk Michał Rusnarczyk
+48 500 657 300